Public Relations


As one of the entertainment industry’s premier independently owned and operated public relations firms, CSE specializes in media relations, corporate communications, and creative marketing and brand strategies.

CSE works to define and shape the public image of many of the world’s leading actors, directors, writers, musicians, athletes, films, televisions shows, production companies, corporations and brands.

Who We Are


Established in 1997, CSE began as a boutique entertainment, sports and publicity firm and has evolved into the intersection of entertainment public relations and brand communications. With a client roster that reads like a "who’s who" of influential talent and brands, CSE is a fully-integrated company which takes a creative approach when addressing clients’ goals as they relate to media, marketing and communications.

At CSE, we believe our clients’ success is our success. Our mission is simple— to help our clients realize their vision.

Our Services


We have the power, skill and resources to develop a dynamic roadmap for a career, a business, a product or a brand.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • public relations

  • personal publicity

  • brand management

  • entertainment + brand strategies

  • marketing + creative branding

  • corporate communications

  • social media solutions

  • network extension + media relations

  • licensing

  • endorsements

  • sponsorships

  • special events

  • crisis management

  • film, tv + dvd release campaigns

  • award campaigns

  • music representation

  • development

  • project management

  • packaging

  • negotiations

Personal Publicity

This is our core business. We are the public relations company of record for some of the world’s most renowned individuals in film, television, music and sports. We are not a company that believes "all press is good press." We don’t wait for the phone to ring. We actively seek the right opportunities which resonate and deliver results.

Good PR rarely comes without effort. It is about access, communication, protection, and connection. We have long-standing, positive relationships with the media who value us because of our integrity and the clients we represent. What makes CSE distinctive is that we are a highly-selective company that is unafraid to bring its opinions to the table. Yet, we understand that with collaboration comes success. And it’s through collaboration (with clients, their teams, the industry and the media) that we can reach any audience, whether it’s consumers or colleagues.

There is a perception that PR is about hype and spin. We’re not about hype and spin. CSE champions the visionary, the passionate and the authentic.

Brand Management

Entertainment + Brand Strategies

Building on CSE's successful long-standing entertainment business, CSE's Entertainment and Brand Strategies department has established itself as a trusted business partner and strategic ally for some of the world's most prestigious companies and brands.

Driven by results, CSE's EBS team utilizes corporate communications and strategic marketing to develop fully-integrated programs customized to the commercial objectives of each client. Whether it's to encourage trial, drive web traffic, increase brand awareness within key demographics or new geographic markets, educate consumers on specific product differentiators, CSE positions brands, products and services with informed, creative and targeted campaigns.

CSE's EBS capabilities include media relations, new product launch campaigns, event press and production, sponsorships, product placement, branded entertainment, viral marketing, consumer promotion & branding initiatives, targeted campaigns, crisis management and celebrity and influencer outreach programs. CSE has led a number of viral marketing campaigns for clients and cultivated extensive and effective relationships with online and blogging media.

Through all of these areas and more, we are committed to providing innovative and effective solutions for our clients. Our strength is in creating effective campaigns to drive commercial objectives. The CSE difference lies in our media relationships, resources, reputation and the caliber of the clients we represent.

Marketing + Creative Branding

Every good marketing plan focuses on the four Cs: consumers, cost, convenience and communication. At CSE, we also bring the creative. Having moved well beyond the traditional definition of a PR firm, we have worked with many of the world’s most respected companies and brands who have retained our services for a host of marketing, branding and creative initiatives.

We are a company built on a keen understanding of identity. When a new product or a brand enters the marketplace, we can fashion a one-of-a-kind campaign which champions its distinguishing characteristics, so it rises above the competition.

We have executed a variety of campaigns for everything from film and video releases to high-end cosmetics and fine jewelry, lifestyle and fitness products, luxury brands and charities. Whether it’s traditional marketing or a viral campaign, CSE deliver results that are cost-effective, correlate with comprehensive PR outreach, resonate with consumers and greatly exceed the expectations of the client.

Corporate Communications

At CSE, we take a unique and detailed approach to client communications. Our keen understanding of the media enables us to effectively position messages so they make headlines. We craft compelling stories through every possible avenue including company profiles, bios of leading executives, press releases, key message documents, speeches, reactive statements, marketing materials and web content.

Far more than a quick sketch of who-what-where-when-and-why, our written materials positively reflect our clients’ vision or goals. Whether it’s a new product launch aimed at consumers, or major partnership announcement designed to excite investors, CSE brings its experience and expertise in creating written materials that resonate. Our team has written remarks for a host of influential leaders, CEO’s and entertainers in the form of speeches, keynote addresses and award presentations.

Social Media Solutions

No modern publicity plan is complete without utilizing the power of social media. As a key part of an integrated communications strategy, CSE embraces the dialogue of the social media space, including blogging, online networks, social bookmarking, mobile technology and user-generated content. We are able to leverage these emerging platforms to develop and execute targeted digital initiatives on behalf of our clients.

Through our extensive relationships within the digital community, CSE has the power to craft innovative "Web 2.0" campaigns which put our clients ahead of the technology curve. With years of experience, CSE has developed a keen understanding of the online world, viral distribution and how to make our clients' content stand out in this sphere.

Network Extension + Media Relations

The old adage about the entertainment industry is true: “it’s who you know.” And it’s our business to know people. One of the most fundamental components of any successful publicity and marketing campaign is the creation and nurturing of relationships for a client within a respective industry. Networking is essential for everyone at every career level. We believe in educating the media about our clients, and are determined to ensure they know our personal clients as more than just a “face” and our brands as more than just a “name.” We are in constant contact with executives, managers, producers, agents and the media, which proves to be a valuable resource keeping our clients in the know.

Everyday CSE facilitates introductions between our clients and select editors, writers, photographers, stylists and other key cultural influencers to bolster a client’s media presence. In addition, we offer media training services for those clients new to the public spotlight. Our goal is to make media relations as natural and comfortable as possible in order for clients and their messages to effectively resonate with their intended audience.

Licensing, Endorsements + Sponsorships

At CSE, we have a unique understanding and respect for both the corporate and creative worlds. We pursue endorsement opportunities for brands open to potential business ventures with talent or other brands. When a brand connects with an actor, filmmaker, musician or athlete, it should be a natural extension for both the product and the personality. A company built upon a foundation of long-standing entertainment relationships, CSE allows corporations unfamiliar with the entertainment marketplace access to our network, so long as we can further these talent relationships in a manner mutually beneficial to both parties.

CSE can also bridge meaningful partnerships between brands, non-profits, publishing partners, and special events. For brands, we can make the right connections with the entertainment industry for endorsements, licensing deals, promotional ventures, product placement, exclusive content, event attendance and marketing initiatives. In addition, we pursue endorsement opportunities for a select group of our personal clients.

Special Events

CSE has developed a reputation as one of the industry’s premier agencies for event planning and production. We have produced notable brand launches, store openings, premieres and galas for clients in film, television, philanthropy, publishing and fashion.

We utilize our vast network of resources to produce press-worthy events seamlessly integrated with a client or brand’s publicity and marketing plan. As either the sole producer of an event or as a consultant, CSE delivers celebrities, red carpet press, creative design, event production, guest invitations, location scouting, sponsorships and more.

Crisis Management

In today’s fast paced world of internet and tabloid media, a small misstep in a business or career can quickly become a continuous cycle of negative press. CSE has the experience to swiftly and effectively diffuse a media crisis. When one of our clients faces a media crisis, we immediately draw on all necessary resources and assemble an expert team to address all angles of the situation.

Our long-standing relationships with media outlets allow us to actively control or at least calm any problematic situation that might arise. We aggressively institute crisis management strategies and respond to controversial media developments with integrity and tact, all designed to preserve the image and reputation of our clients.

What We've Done

Our company is in the fortunate position of representing some of the world’s most respected individuals and brands. For us, that is the greatest reward. In turn, we have been able to secure great results and lead worthy campaigns on behalf of our clients.

Clients Giving Back

CSE is extremely proud to represent so many clients who use their public image to promote the greater good. These are the stories we love to see in print, not just because they reflect well on our clients, but because they inspire positive change in others. We at CSE draw great inspiration from these efforts and as a company we strive to be socially and environmentally responsible, and encourage all to give back and volunteer.