Sports & Entertainment

CSE Sports Division represents some of the most dynamic athletes and sports properties in the world.

CSE Sports Division is a full service Professional Sports Agency, Production Company and Promotor that seeks and secures employment, endorsement, commercial, licensing, marketing, motion picture, television, publishing, sponsorship, personal appearances, lectures, and broadcasting opportunities for clients who want to expand and diversify their business across all sports, entertainment, and media platforms.

CSE provides contract negotiation, consulting and advisory services, estate planning, financial, legal, intellectual property rights management, public relations, branding, design, development, and real estate services, and looks to leverage and create unique business opportunities for clients interested in pursuing joint ventures, strategic partnerships, mergers and acquisitions.

Consulting Services

Branding, Design, Illustration, Brand Extension, Strategic Development, Research and Development, Content Development, Sponsored Programs and Events, Concept Development, Sports and Entertainment Business Affairs, Promotional Partnerships, Extensive Market Research, Product Integration.