Arts & Entertainment

CSE is a partnership of artists, designers, architects, attorneys, developers, executives and media professionals.

We are creative visionaries and business minded professionals. Our work is an extension of ourselves.


CSE Book Department works with a talented roster of authors and illustrators in all areas of fiction and non-fiction.


CSE is noted for its unique emphasis on celebrity endorsements, a business which the company created and now dominates worldwide. CSE's Commercials Department also excels in special interest home video, infomercials, home shopping, voice-overs, and industrial films in addition to corporate alliances and sponsorships for concerts and events. Its work is both future-oriented and global in scope as we open doors for expansion into every facet of the entertainment business.

Further to the Company's full-service commitment, CSE has established a licensing and merchandising department to focus on securing branded consumer products for its clients. The goal of CSE's Licensing and Merchandising Department is to locate prominent manufacturers in different product categories who are interested in licensing CSE's clients' names and images for use in areas such as beauty products, fragrances, toys, games, stationery, and apparel.

CSE is the only company of its size with a department dedicated to these areas:

  • Print

  • On-Camera Commercials

  • Voiceovers: Commercials, Promos, & Narrations

  • Animation

  • Video Games

  • Licensing & Merchandising

  • Infomercials

  • PR Campaigns & Satellite Media Tours

  • Non-Performing Personal Appearances

Corporate Communications

Additional information regarding CSE Events Catering & Food Services available by request only.


As the world’s leading creative, sports and entertainment company, CSE Lecture Division continues this tradition by representing and promoting a distinguished roster of speakers who share their unique and profound insight on a broad spectrum of issues. CSE offers a premier selection of lecturers in the fields of national and global affairs, the media, business and economics, health and science, humor, and sport and motivation.

History teaches us to look back in order to look forward. Recent events indicated that while our world is shrinking rapidly, it is vastly becoming more complex. An explosion of information and a new range of concerns leave us faced with both the greatest challenges and the greatest opportunities of all time. Knowledge and experience are the keys to overcoming challenges and capturing opportunities. CSE’s clients offer their unique perspective, expertise, and wisdom on topics that concern us most and have the greatest impact on our lives.

Motion Pictures

CSE's Motion Picture Department meets the industry's needs through its top-to-bottom representation and production of gifted and award-winning screenwriters, producers, directors and actors, including the most impressive list of young, up-and-coming talent in the business.

From the earliest stages of a film's development, CSE's Motion Picture tracks the progress and identify opportunities for the Company's clients, often combining multiple elements for independently distributed features and studio-released theatrical motion pictures.

A defining force in the film industry since the birth of this entertainment medium, the CSE Motion Picture Department has demonstrated the ability to redefine itself and meet the needs of its clients, and in recent years has positioned itself as the most progressive motion picture division in the business.

Music, Concerts & Personal Appearances

CSE's Music & Personal Appearances Department represents and promotes clients across a variety of musical genres, including rock, pop, urban contemporary, country, comedy, Latin, Christian/gospel and adult contemporary. The division also represents Broadway and theatrical tours, books clients into fairs and special events, and coordinates public, corporate and private speaking engagements.

Tapping into its International Department, CSE Music & Personal Appearances clients enjoy a global presence performing in key venues throughout the world. CSE's Music & Personal Appearances Division also leverages the Company's strength in other key entertainment platforms, including soundtracks, motion pictures, television, theatre, commercials and publishing, to create other valuable, career-enhancing opportunities for its clients.


Professionally trained and with a natural eye for composition and creative vision, CSE provides professional photography services for discerning clients of all budgets and individual needs.

Areas of expertise: Architecture and Interior, Commercial, Events, Fashion, Fine Art, Food & Beverage, Landscape, Lifestyle, Media & Press Kits, Nature and Wildlife, Portraits, Products, Sports, Travel, Weddings, and more.


With an innovative approach to the representation and production of television programming and the creative talent responsible for it, the CSE Television Department is a driving force in modern television.

Not limited to traditional network boundaries, agents in CSE's Television Division actively pursue opportunities for their clients covering all commercial, broadcast networks, cable, first-run syndication and international broadcast systems, and spanning an array of programming formats.

CSE's Television Department has a long track record of packaging elements from its extensive roster of clients to enhance a project's potential for success in the marketplace.

CSE also has a long and successful history of representing some of the most respected and recognized names in news and reporting.

CSE's Broadcast Division represents reporters and anchors on both top network and cable outlets, covering news, sports, weather and entertainment, as well as television and talk show hosts, and producers in the news arena. CSE's Broadcast Department focuses on supporting the industry's premiere news talent, as well as fostering and developing young and promising new personalities, in front of and behind the camera. CSE's Broadcast Division agents seek to maintain strong and productive relationships with each and every news outlet, thus securing positive and productive venues in which our clients will flourish.


CSE Digital is responsible for advising its film, television, music, literary, theatre, sports and corporate clients both domestically and internationally about opportunities across all emerging platforms, most notably mobile and internet.

In addition, CSE Digital consults leading technology companies and start-ups, helping them create strategic partnerships throughout media and entertainment which further enhances the clients' business. The group also identifies and executes digital initiatives for the company which keeps it on the cutting-edge of emerging technology and media and entertainment.


As the independent community increasingly edges into the mainstream, CSE Independent remains focused on identifying, packaging and creatively financing feature films specifically targeted to the worldwide independent community.

CSE Independent works with both U.S. and foreign distributors and financiers, bringing together co-production partners for projects the Company then packages from its vast creative pool.