The Technology Division of CSE is not just an investor in businesses, but a backer of people, revolutionary technologies, inventive products, and creative solutions. We strive to "Inspire the World, and Create the Future," supporting the brightest entrepreneurial minds, the most diligent professionals, and visionaries with a forward-thinking mindset.

We prioritize passion, integrity, and commitment, and value those who dare to think differently and pave new technological paths in an ever-changing landscape. Our mission is to foster creative innovation and technological brilliance.

Since 1997, CSE has actively collaborated with entrepreneurs, innovators, and management teams, lending our experience, strategic support, technical prowess, and financial aid to achieve their objectives. We function as a multi-stage private equity and venture capital firm, helping business leaders seize novel opportunities and foresee market trends through enduring partnerships that withstand economic shifts.

Our success is visible through the achievements of our portfolio companies and our consistent performance over time. We offer hands-on assistance during every stage of their journey— from exploration to expansion, including R&D, marketing, finance, management development, strategic and tactical growth. Spread across New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Cincinnati, we also exploit our wide network within the media and technology industries to help our partners gain market visibility and construct strategic relationships.

For us, the true reward is finding like-minded people who are committed to creating not just businesses, but enduring brands. We believe in the power of relationships over mere transactions, seeking to back companies that will stand the test of time.