At CSE Technology Division, we don't invest in companies. “We invest in people”, “New Technology," "Innovative Products," and "Creative Solutions." Our goal is to "Inspire the World, and Create the Future." We look for the most innovative entrepreneurs, the most dedicated, hard-working professionals, and the most focused and visionary individuals out there.

We look for passion, commitment, integrity and honesty. We look for independent thinkers who see beyond the conventional and have the innovative genius to blaze new technological trails in a forever evolving innovative world. We look for creative innovation and technological genius.

Since 1997, CSE continues to actively partner with entrepreneurs, innovators and management teams to assist them achieve their goals. CSE brings experience, strategic assistance, technical skills and ongoing financial support to the CSE portfolio.

CSE is a multi-stage private equity and venture capital firm.

CSE has helped innovators and entrepreneurs exploit new business opportunities and anticipate trends through long-term relationships that endure the changing economic landscape. Our accomplishments can be best recognized through the success of our companies and the ability to deliver consistent performance over time.

Our portfolio companies benefit from active, hands-on assistance in all phases of exploration, expansion, including research and development, marketing, finance, management development, strategic and tactical growth in both scope and scale. With offices in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Cincinnati, we also leverage an extensive network of media and technology industry connections to help our partners and clients gain visibility, build strategic relationships, and successfully bring their products to market.

With us, the real magic happens when we find people we connect with, who share our values and our commitment to building extraordinary brands. We say brands, not businesses, because there is a real difference. A business sells stuff to people. A brand has a relationship with them. Businesses come and go. Relationships endure. And we are looking for companies that will endure.